New Years Caption Contest - Winner Announced!

First off, let me say this: This was so close of a contest, I couldn't handle judging it all by myself. You may have seen that I let the blog readers vote by posting a comment on the entry post. Funny thing is - 5 people entered. I will not say names, but two people tied. Now it was my decision to pick the tiebreaker.

[Update: February 17th, 2013]
Thanks @LordDarkWing for reminding me about this contest, I forgot! (Whoops, lol.) The winner is now announced, and the tie has been broken.

The winner is...

Tatiana ShadowFlame

Her captions made me laugh really hard, and I can't wait to see her reaction. Now, Lord DarkWing was the second person to tie, so I will be giving him a consultation prize as well. Congrats to the winners and I hope it was fun to all who entered!

[For Tatiana and LDW] 
I will dm via Twitter you both with your prizes. :)

Keep on Sailing (again)

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