Ahoy!! Test Realm Onfline!!

Now, you may be wondering, "Oh look, Cody made another typo." However, this time, it is not a mistake. The Test Realm recently came out, but soon went down due to problems that Kingsisle is taking several days to fix. Here is the announcement that they made shortly after the Test Realm unexpectedly closed:

     "Yarr, Pirates! Looks like our small Test Realm snag turned into a hull breach! The issues we've encountered today will necessitate postponing our Test Realm a few days while the Programmers fix the boat. Take heart though, we currently project the Test Realm to make a triumphant return in a few days. Thanks for your patience and understanding of the nature of a Test Realm. Please accept our apologies for the false start."

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to experience the Test Realm for the short time it was up, but a lot of people did, however. Several witnesses says that they didn't have much time to check out all of the new features, but got to see some and were pleased. I can't wait to experience the Test Realm in a couple days, maybe I will meet up with some people and post our adventures!

Keep on Sailing,

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