New Years Contest Judging!

No, I haven't forgot about the New Years Caption Contest, I have just had a really hard time with vacation and schoolwork, so I am going to make some....changes. Instead of me judging all of them, I am going to let my wonderful readers judge! All you have to do is comment on which caption you like best by posting their name. For example "Friendly Necromancer's is really funny!" That's it! Now, without further ado, the entries!

Tatiana ShadowFlame:
 Caption #1: I"ve come to suck the yum juice!                    
 Caption #2: Patience is key young cricket. In time, your facial hair shall prosper such as mine.

For Picture 1:
Vampire: "Oooh, I feel like an angel floating back up to heaven! ^.^"
For Picture 2:
Goat: "Use the force, human/pirate/wizard: whatever you peasants are nowadays..."

Aaron StarHeart:
Caption #1: Vampire: Come My minions, Tonight We Fly!
Caption #2: Mooshu Guy: You want me, to teach you...

I say, "Hey, Vampires don't carry weapons around!"
I say, "What are you staring at old goat?"

Lord DarkWing:
Caption #1: I Now pronounce you unworthy of your title "immortal"
Caption #2: Well, Have you found it yet?

Now I hope you understand why I need your help! Let the judging..commence! You have until January 10th, 2013, to comment your vote. [Note: I will not publish any comments so people won't know who is in the lead.]

Keep on Sailing,
-Pirate Skyrider

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