The Last Day of the Spiral!

On the 12th Day of the Spiral, Kingsisle gave to us...

A Reindeer Mount for Wizard101 and a White Winter Owl! The Reindeer Sleight Mount can be purchased for 5,500 Crowns in the Crown Shop, and the White Winter Owl pet can be purchased for 3,500 Crowns or 35,000 gold! The first pet in the Crown Shop to be sold for gold! Be the envy of your friends with this high flying mount and cute little owl!

The 12 Days of the Spiral is now over, but you can still get the Yuletide Pack, Llama Mount, Sleigh Mount, White Winter Owl pet, Mystery Coupon for 10-50% Crowns Purchases, and many more offfers. But act quick, they won't last forever.

If you haven't gotten your Winter Treant Mount from the Yuletide Pack that you've always wanted, think fast! Maybe if you were saving your crowns to see what the last couple days of the spiral brought and weren't too happy with the stuff that was released, now is your chance!

Also, this is a one time deal, the Holiday Bundle! The Holiday Bundle is $74, and is a majorly good deal! It comes with 13,750 Crowns, and a One-Year Membership to either Wizard101 or Pirate101! But decide whether or not you're going to get it fast, for the promotion ends on January 3rd, 2013!

-Keep on Sailing,
-Pirate Skyrider

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