Santa Run!

Welcome to the 2012 Santa Run!

The holidays are here, and to celebrate the kickoff for the Christmas Season, Edward and I thought of something fun to do last minute to have some fun with wizards. A Santa Run! We were thinking we could do it for Kingsisle to show them how much we appreciate them and  love the game. Also, it's a time to thank them for their Christmas spirit not only Pirate101, but Wizard101 also.

Here's the details on what YOU can do to make sure you are there on time.

Today- 12:00 P.M. CST

The Commons, Wizard101
Pixie Area One 

What do I show up in if I don't have a Christmas outfit?
If you don't, you can show up in regular robes, if you do
please show up in it :) It would make it look more like a Santa Run!

For.. Kingsisle- the best game team ever!

We'll start by running around the commons 7 times (main circle of the commons) and we'll have fun talking or doing whatever afterwards. I will host some contests for some in-game prizes, so be there or be square! We hope you can arrive, if not, Happy Holidays! :)

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One Response to “Santa Run!”

  1. I totally agree they made the holidays so fun with their new promotions! It's like a whole new game with the challenges and characters they added. Plus the chance to win free stuff is amazing. Great blog by the way!


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