December Goodies!

Wow, December's here already!?! This marks my 6-month blogger-versary of running Pirate101 Skyrider! I must say, I am very impressed by how much everything is coming together near Christmastime in Pirate101! Not only do I have some important news for you guys, but there are some CONTESTS I'll be throwing out here and then at random times!!

If you don't already know, I'm hosting a Merry and Bright Giveaway! You can get to it by clicking "Contests", or simply clicking here. So sorry about the shortage of codes for Pirate101, it is difficult to find codes/obtain since Wizard101 is giving away SO many codes via their Official Fansites, and I must say it is a hassle! You can view the list of Official Wizard101 Fansites by clicking here

Also, I have great news! I have been caught up in school work, but it seems all of my teachers are litening down on the homework, so I will have more time to make series! I already have 1 planned, and I will be making something called "Privateer Tuesday", which I will make a post on my adventures as a Privateer every...yup, you guessed it, Tuesday! I hope you are looking forward to it, even if you're not a Privateer! (I will eventually get to all Classes) 

As you know, this is the month of giving. Since I am still feeling cheery from putting up the Christmas Tree earlier, I am giving away a random code on THIS post! All you have to do is simply reply to this post explaining your favorite thing about december. You must enter by midnight, 12/3/2012, or your comment will not count. 

Keep on Sailing,
-Pirate Skyrider

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10 Responses to “December Goodies!”

  1. My favorite thing about Christmas is getting with my family and opening presents.

  2. My favorite thing about December would be getting sick. I know it sounds weird but getting sick reminds me of the holidays plus I like the way my voice changes into sick mode.

  3. The Cheerful festivities that come with this month. ^3^...Also, love, life, and happiness :)

  4. all the special items in w101

  5. My favorite thing about December is when the heater is turned on all the way and you feel all warm without a blanket when playing Wizard101 (and now Pirate101).

  6. hmm. Well thats weird. I could have sworn I answered this one yesterday, on another blog post lol (I think it was under contests). Anyway, my favorite thing about December is that its a time for family and friends, a time for giving, and forgiving. A time for thankfulness and realizing whats most important in ones life. I am having major deju vu here lol.

    1. Yup, just seeing how many people read the whole post. :)

  7. my favorite thing abot december is the weather. i love the christmas weather. its so awesome. plus new fruits, snow. its just god like. and not forgetting christmas. a time when i spend with my lovely family. what is there not to love about december!

  8. I think that my favorite thing has to be spending time with my friends and family. (and the gifts aren't too shabby)

  9. @Eevee9188:53 PM

    My very favorite thing about December is waking up to snow on the ground, and then going downstairs and enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate.


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