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A "Majestic" Raffle!

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Woosh! It's another New Years Contest! This time, it will be hosted via Rafflecopter. Don't know about the Majestic Bundle! Click here!

Description of the Majestic Bundle:

New Years Contest!

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New Years is almost here, and I think it is time to celebrate! This is a Caption Contest, and the Grand Prize is a Tropical Sky Snake for Pirate101! Now, all you have to do is send an email to pirateskyrider (at) explaining a caption for the picture above. You may choose to caption the following picture, it will add more points to your score. :)

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Merry Christmas from Pirate101 Skyrider! Ho ho ho!
Another 365 days have passed, and it is the ending of Christmas Day in the Spiral! From my family to yours, I wish you Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

The Last Day of the Spiral!

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On the 12th Day of the Spiral, Kingsisle gave to us...

12 Days of the Spiral Update: Day 8 & 9!

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Yesterday was the 8th Day of the Spiral, and for an exclusive time, you can get the all new Pirate101 Yuletide Trogg Companion! This big fellow costs 3,995 Crowns in the Pirate101 Crown Shop, and is a very cool Companion! I must say, purchasing him for my main Privateer was an excellent choice, and I highly reeccomened snatching him from the Crown Shop before he is gone!

Santa Run!

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Welcome to the 2012 Santa Run!

The holidays are here, and to celebrate the kickoff for the Christmas Season, Edward and I thought of something fun to do last minute to have some fun with wizards. A Santa Run! We were thinking we could do it for Kingsisle to show them how much we appreciate them and  love the game. Also, it's a time to thank them for their Christmas spirit not only Pirate101, but Wizard101 also.

Contest Reminder

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Just to let you guys know, there is a MAJOR raffle going on, and I encourage you to enter. There are some awesome prizes for just not Pirate101, but Wizard101 Also! There are two ways to find the raffle:

December Goodies!

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Wow, December's here already!?! This marks my 6-month blogger-versary of running Pirate101 Skyrider! I must say, I am very impressed by how much everything is coming together near Christmastime in Pirate101! Not only do I have some important news for you guys, but there are some CONTESTS I'll be throwing out here and then at random times!!