Pre-Thanksgiving Recap!

Hey guys! Sorry about the absence from posting, I have been SO busy trying to get the design, series, and school work to do all at the same time. However, let's set aside all of my problems, it's almost Thanksgiving!

Lots of many great things has happened for Pirate101 in the month of November! Here is a list of things that has happened. (I will explain in more detail later in the post. )
Check out this AWESOME picture of
Pirate Gangnam Style sent in to Pirate101 by AluraRB!

  • Tradewinds Tribune
  • Fan Fiction
  • Puppet Pirates!
  • Reviews on the Game
  • Fan Art Section

The Tradewinds Tribune is constantly being updated! When you go to the page, you will find all of the updated news in Pirate101. It may consist of sales, exclusive offers, new fan art, and almost anything else you can think of!

When you hop onto the Tradewinds Tribune page, you will find a selector, that will let you choose the month you wish to see all of the information for. It's a great way to find all of the information on one post, I have it bookmarked! :)

From Kingsisle:
The Pirate101 Game Fan Fiction Archive is where we showcase the wonderful stories of adventure from Pirates like you! Please read the submission guidelines to submit your game fan fiction story. You mustinclude a Title and Character Name for Author. If you are under 13 years of age, ask your parent or guardian for permission to send us your story.
In the Fan Fiction, you will find stories or sagas (also called series) that Pirate101 members like YOU can read and enjoy at anytime, any place. Some of the stories are very cool, you should definitely check them out!

Right now, there is no Puppet Pirates, but I am sure Kingsisle will have them posted in a jiffy! Currently, they are picking the finalists for the "Captain Contest"You can find it here, or by click "Puppet Pirates!"

If you cannot open the link for some reason, here are the finalists captions:

Sincere Shawna Everhart
Boochbeard: “Suddenly I don't think you were correct in assuming the water moles were being nice for inviting us over for dinner.” Gandry: “I guess my first hint should have been the spice rub they sent me, eh?"

Wicked Ginelle Vaughn
"Ye'll be stewin' about this one for weeks, won't ye, Mr. Gandry?"

Wordy Brecken Tolliver
Gandry: "I told you there is no word for 'tourist' in water-mole! You called us 'good for lunch'!"

Merciless Mariah Moone
Gandry: "No one ever listens to the monkey. I told you this was not a good hiding place." Boochbeard: * Sigh * "I will never live this down."

Crazy Charlie Higgens
Boochbeard: “Don't worry, they’re bound to let us go. You taste terrible.”

Everyone did a great job! If you follow the link, you can vote at the bottom of the page.

Many popular sites have reviewed the magnificent game known as Pirate101, you should check them out! If you want more information on reviews and such, click "Reviews on the Game" at the top of this paragraph. Maybe you'll be the next person to review Pirate101? Who knows?

I absolutely LOVE the Fan Art Section on the Pirate101 Website. You can send in art, or just look at other members' amazing art creations. You can scroll through each month to see how much love the members of Pirate101 put in to their artwork! I might have to give it a go myself! You can find the art section here, or click on "Fan Art Section" to be directed to the page.

Well, that is all I have planned for you today! Have a great early Thanksgiving and look forward to reading my new series "The Gold Human" which should be coming out sometime next week! Yarr!!

Keep on Turkey-ing,
-Pirate Skyrider 

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