Pirate101 Test Realm and Weekly Update!

Ahoy, pirates! Almost one month into the game known as Pirate101, and it is already time for a Test Realm Yarr!
If you haven't already heard, there are some updates coming to Pirate101! Many include battle changes, which I think will make a big difference for some players. Some of the updates include:
  • Adjusted the hit points of both monsters and companions in the higher levels.
  • Increased running speed of many units in combat to decrease waiting time.
  • Corrected how players join in combat when teleporting to a friend already in combat on a ship.
  • Fixed a few buff spells that will increase the chance for causing a critical hit (Shadowdance and Grand Shadowdance for Swashbucklers and Discipline for Privateers).
  • Changed the rules for late arrivals to combat! The goal was to make players joining a multiplayer combat less painful for the person already in combat.
  • Combat occurs as it would normally if a player arrives in combat on the first round. Players will appear on the left side of screen with their companions and multiple creatures will appear on the right side as expected.
These are just some of the updates concering battle updates, and there are many more! Links coming soon. =)

Time for the Weekly Update!

I have been SUPER busy between school work and sports, I finally get a day off to relax and play! I recently discovered Marco Pollo's Map, and he generously gave me some codes for Ninja Pigs! Hiiiiiiiya! I will be giving away 3 codes in total. 2 on a RaffleCopter, and 1 that you decide! One of the entries will be to post an idea, and the idea with the most votes will be put into a contest! The RaffleCopter will be posted soon, so I wish you the best of luck and may the 2 luckiest people win! =)

Link for Test Realm Updates: https://www.pirate101.com/free_game/update_notes/test_realm

Keep on Sailing,
-Pirate Skyrider

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