Troggy Madness!

Uh oh, the Troggies have invaded Pirate101 Skyrider!
It seems like when I went to go buy some more bottles of yum, I must have left Pirate101 up on my laptop and the troggies jumped from the game to the blog! Oh no! You there, you've had experience with troggies, correct? Phew, what a relif! I need your help! Every day, a new troggy hides somewhere on the site! I need you to find it and remove it, or they will ruin the blog! 

When you see a troggy, be sure to click on it! It will reveal a code from me, which could range from crowns to free Kingsisle Free Games codes. If it is already used, do not fret! I can...unfortunately promise you that another one will pop up, at least until the 31st, when the exterminator comes. I wish you good luck, this is a great favor!

Keep on Troggying,
-Pirate Skyrider

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