The Pirate101 Headstart has begun!

Avast, all ye landlubbers, Pirate101 has set sail into the live realm! If ye have not known, Pirate101 has been released to the people who bought the BoochBeard Bundle, Gandry Bundle, one of the other giftcards, or a subscription! Also, if you participated in Closed Beta, you got free access into the game. :)

From Kingsisle:

I downloaded and installed the Pirate101 game, but my login won't work. Why can't I start playing now?
From now until the morning of October 15th, Pirate101 is limited to Head Start players only. On October 15th, the game will be available for anyone to play. Until then, only the following kinds of players have access to the Head Start:
  • Closed Beta Participants
  • Players who purchased the Boochbeard or Gandry Bundles
  • Pirate101 Members
  • Players who purchased a Pirate101 Prepaid Game Card
  • Players who redeem a Gift Certificate for a Pirate101 Prepaid Membership

Want to start playing right now? 

If you can't wait until October 15th, you can join the Head Start in one of four ways!
More information here

I hope to see many people on the game, and I will host a party when the game is live to everyone! So get yer bottles of yum and some new contacts, ye will be wantin' t' play all night! Even the accent carries on! ;)

Keep on Sailing,
-Pirate Skyrider. 

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