The Monquista Life

I have been in Pirate101 for almost a week and a half (1 1/2) and I must say, it is awesome! I just reached Monquista, and I would like to share some stuff there!

When you first reach Monquista, it is a world of no other. Sadly, the sight seeing ended when I was forcefully pulled into a battle of Skarakeets. Basically saying "Hi, and welcome to Monquista! Time for dinner!" or in Skarakeet language: "Squak, squak squak, SQUAK!"

When I had got into the "commons" area, I was a more relieved, because my head had stopped spining in circles. Two Monquistan servants took me into the royal throne room, because I had business with the king and queen. (The good kind of business)

It had took me a whopping 5 minutes just to translate all of me pirate talk int' Monquistan, but I think they both spoke the same language as me. I was first confronted by King Ferdinand, and I stated what I must do for Skull Island, Monquista, and the rest of the spiral. He and his lovely Monquista queen agreed to promote me up another level (yay!) and help me on my adventure. (Heyyy, wasn't this already done by ol' Christopher Columbus? Nahhhhh!)

I got on my Skull Island Skiff, knuckle punched Milo Graytail, and set off for adventure!

Part two will be released tomorrow, or when I get the chance to keep questing in Monquista.

Keep on Monquistang!
-Pirate SkyRider

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