October Bombardment!

Wow, October has come so fast!
I have been caught up in so many things, and now October is here! Hooray! Also, there is a lot more information to be revealed, that you might wand to stick around and read. ;)

Aside from all of the chaos for Wizard101 October contests and packs and such, Pirate101 has some great news! Kingsisle has officially released the Week Head Start for Pirate101 and live release date! Woohoo! The head start begins on October 7th, and live releases on October 15th. If you did not get a chance to participate in Closed Beta, do not fret! All you have to do is wait 2 weeks, and Pirate101 will be yours to conquer! :)

 Also, Pirate101 has released some more bundles/cards! We only know the name of one bundle, and that is the Cutthroat Bundle, which can be purchased for $39. Also, Kingsisle stated that there will be bundles and for $10, $20, or $39! I am so excited! Maybe I can get my hands on way for a giveaway.....=)

Here is a picture of the Cutthroat Bundle, thanks Johnny for letting me use it! =)

Note how you see: 
-Shark Too(probably Shark Tooth ____)
-Cutthroat _____
-Skullcutter _____
-Shark (Says companion at the end)
Castaway (Probably cove, since they renamed the one in BoochBeard Bundle.
1 Month or 5,000 Crowns to Pirate101! 

Definitely a great bundle!

Another addition to Pirate101 in the mix of things, is that they have changed some stuff in game! They have changed the pets, and the price of companions have dropped! You can now purchase a companion for 5,995 Crowns, instead of 12,500 Crowns. Thank you Kingsisle, now I won't go broke! (At least that quick..LOL)

Now, my questions to y'all are: Are you excited for Pirate101? Are you ready for all of the new contests around the Spiral? And lastly,  what is your favorite thing about October 2012? Leave your answers in the comment box!

Link to official release note here.

Keep on Sailing,
-Pirate Skyrider

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