Monster Mash Extravaganza!

Good Evening, and welcome to "Pirate101 Skyrider".

We have many things planned for you..muhaha.
The Monster Mash Ball is coming up, and we hope you will...turn up.
There will be games, contests, and of course, free voodoo dolls! ;)

*Comes from other room*

Hey, what the!!
Vadima, what are you doing talking to my viewers?!?!
Sorry about that all, but from what Vadima has said, there will be a Monster Mash Ball in Pirate101!
I will host contests ALL around the blog, and there will be spook-tacular prizes!
Now, I can't PROMISE you free voodoo dolls, but I will ask Vadima to try her best. ;)

We wills start with a Graphics/Drawing contest, and a Rafflecopter. They will be posted on the Contests page later this evening/tomorrow morning.

The next contest will be a corn maze, which everyone will find out about later. ;) *smirk*

That is all for now, good luck and Keep on Sailing!

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