Horrific Halloween Contests!

Welcome, young pirate. It is I, Madame Vadima, and it is one of the most....spiritual times of the year. Halloween!
Now, what do I have planned for this...frightful night? Ah yes, the Voodoo Dolls, the mystical fortune cauldron, and the bag of...treats. Yeah, let's say that. ;) Anyways, if you stop by my place, I will promise you the scaring of a lifetime. Muhahahhahah!!!!

 Now, onto the things you have been waiting for! Contests! Now now, calm down, don't get your swords in a knot. I will be pulling random codes out of my bag at random times, so be sure to check on the site as much as you can to win a code! The code could range from Kingsisle Free Games, to the money you pirates call "crowns". Maybe even a code for a mount? Who knows?!?! Oh yeah, I do. Hahahhaha. >:)
 Be sure to check the Contests page, where you will find many more horrific Halloween Contests.

 That's all for now! Woosh!!!!
-Madame V. Witchdoctor Extraordinaire

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