Happy Birthday, Anthony!

To my dearest friend Anthony,

Thank you for bringing me into the wonderful world of blogging and twitter! I am so honored to have met you and friended you, it was fate! You are the best friend I have always wanted, thank you for that!  Best friends forever. :)  Your blog was AMAZING, and I think you should continue with it. You are just the best friend anyone could have, and you are a great person not only to me, but everyone else! Legends of the Spiral was made for you, and you have been blessed with the best people in the WORLD! I hope you have enjoyed your birthday gifts, and not only me, but everyone LOVES you and your work. Happy Birthday Anthony! You rock! ;)

-Cody and the rest of the #twizard, #twirate, Legends of the Spiral, and Stormgate Pirates Communities. :)

His blog is/was:

He is @Deathbanewiz on Twitter.
Crimson Jack on Stormgate Pirates, and Kaito on Legends of the Spiral.

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