Getting Started on Housing

So, you want to learn about housing? Well, in Pirate101, there are many ways to decorate your house! In this guide, I will be use the "Volcano Island" house, that came with the BoochBeard Bundle, If you don't have the house, do not fret! I will make more posts on houses that you can buy with gold! Anyways, lets get started! 
If you have played Wizard101 and decorated your house, Pirate101 is very similar! You can place objects, move to your Bank and Shared Bank, and put stuff in your attic! I have marked several spots in the Volcano Island, that are great places to spice up your house! The first part I will show you is what I named, "The Woods"

This spot is the perfect place to get away and put some furniture for after a hard day of plunderin'! Your pirate can cuddle up with a good book (if he/she knows how to read) and just enjoy a soothing time with no cannonballs or Cutthroats flying at you. I decorated mine with some sofas, a table to put my feet up on, a good book called "The Valencia Ways",  and a telescope to keep watch, just in case an enemy climbs aboard my island of paradise.
 The Pavilion is a great place to keep watch for enemies and enjoy the cool breeze! I recommend placing a table, a nice, comfy lounger, a telescope, some plants, and an ottoman to place your feet on. However, you can design your Pavilion as creative as you want! The main point of this place to me, is to be the captain of your crew and make sure everything around the house is in tip-top shape!
This is one of my favorite parts of the Volcano Island house! Although you can't place any furniture here, it is  a great part of the house! It connects the top of the inside-part of the house with the Pavilion, and let's you travel there fast and effciently! Now, if you are the type of person who is a fan of glitching, I'm sure you could find a way to place furniture on the rope walk! It would add a lot more effect. However, it you're not a person who glitches housing items, if you place furniture in a certain way, I'm sure you could make any pirate look like they're walking on the red carpet!

Keep on Sailing,
-Pirate Skyrider

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