Treasures of the Boochbeard Bundle!

Ahoy! Kingsisle released a new video, which holds the treasures within th' BoochBeard Bundle! Check it out below! :)

Wow, that be simply AMAZING! I am hoping to buy this for me-self, because that weapon looks fashionably dangerous. Har har har!

Also, there is a new vibe and feel t' Pirate101 Skyrider! Do ye like it? If so/not, be sure t' comment below, I  love viewer feedback! Also, be sure to keep checkin' th' Contests page, b'cause I will promise ye a big contest, since we passed 5,000 page views, and 40 members! Yarr! I be bringin' out the bottles of yum and buckets of crowns so we can celebrate! Har har har... ;)

Keep on Sailing, 
-Pirate Skyrider

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