The hints of Darkmoor!

Hello, pirate! It is I, Madame Vadima, and I am here to teach you about the world of Darkmoor.
 If you look closely into my globe, you will see a vague image of Darkmoor.
Here are some facts you might not know about Darkmoor:

  • It is my homeworld, I was born and raised there.
  • It could be the final episode of Morganthe, you wizards/pirates will need to find out yourself!

If you look to the picture above me, you will see that there is a tall, skinny tower at the top of the world. That is known as the Tower of Darkmoor. As you can see, my homeworld isn't the...hmm....brightest. There are many rows of dead trees, and the moon is always full.

Back to you, pirate!

Well, thank you for that...very...descriptive piece of Darkmoor! Now, it's your time to decide. Do you think Darkmoor will come out for Wizard101, Pirate101? Or both? I will put up a poll for ye t' decide. :)
If you think otherwise, be sure to leave a comment at the end of this post!

I hope t' see you around one of the spirals in Darkmoor!

Keep on Sailing!
-Pirate Skyrider

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