Guides galore!

This is a guide that holds all you need to know about Windlanes and Stormgates!

First off, this is a windlane:

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The long, sparkly, and wide string, is called a Windlane!

It will help you adventure across th' spiral without running into monsters!

When ye pilot yer ship onto the windlane, it will basically put yer ship into autodrive.

Windlanes can even travel ye into different areas of th' spiral!

If ye ever want to get off of a windlane 
and dock in a place, simply steer yer ship left or right, using either keys "->/<-" or "A/D"

A windlane can only go one way. If yer on a windlane and see that the sparkles are goin' a different way, then ye have been drivin' your ship in th' wrong direction!

Every area ye go to, there are around 2-4 windlanes.

When you steer onto a windlane, no monsters can attack you (or enemy ships), and windlanes can also heal you!

Now, onto stormgates!

This is a stormgate:

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A stormgate looks like a giant whirlpool, that has lines spinning around it. (usually you can see the lines spinning before the actual stormgate)

When ye step into a stormgate, ye will go into the whirlpool, and find yerself in a magical place with 2 windlanes.

When yer in a stormgate, this is when ye can travel from world to world! Ye will know where the world is, because a giant picture of the world will pop up.

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Just to make sure, stay on the windlane when in a stormgate. There are monsters in the stormgate, and ye don't want to get caught!

Note: A stormgate is a whirlpool, not a hurricane! (Yes, ye can find hurricanes in the spiral.)

Just to recap:

-Windlanes are very good for ye and yer ship!
-Windlanes are strips that can take you to various parts of the spiral.
-Stormgates are giant whirlpools that can take you to various worlds of the spiral!
-Both are really fun to sail on/in!

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