Yarrr! 'Tis Pirate Skyrider here, and I am going to be sending' ye on a Pirate Treasure Hunt! I will make a list of things for ye to find in Wizard101, and ye shall parrot-mail me th' answers! In th' end, there can only be 1 winnarrrr, so I wish ye the best of luck!

The items you will need to find will be posted at 10:00 Am Eastern Time, tomorrow morning! (July 28th, 2012.)

Ok! There are 10 things you need 't find in Wizard101 and parrot-mail me the pictures of you standing next to him/her/the object. You can parrot-mail me at: pirateskyrider@gmail.com

  • Th' man who teaches the school of Spirit, he can open "Droors" to young pigglets. ;)
  • Th' belly-button of an ancient statue.
  • That ship that no one notices in Wizard City, har har har. 
  • "That owl-woman gets a tree house!?!? No fair!"
  • I'm just standing in The Bascila to make you scrawny wizard run my errands for me.
  • "Whoa! Look at that whirpool!"
  • "I'm going to "Winthrop" all over you."
  • I may be a ghost, but I drop a mighty fine amulet!
  • Thank ye for makin' me these two, beautiful drums!
  • "Those Silverfists are no match for me!"
(By the way, I made those out of the top of my head, so I hope ye think they are pretty challenging!)
(Parrot-Mail means E-mail)

The first person that has all of the right pictures, wins 5,000 crowns!!

I wish everyone th' best of luck, and may the best scavenger win! ;)

-Pirate Skyrider

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