So, ye be wanting to know about Companions?

Avast, me hardies.
Have ye wanted to know about Companions?
No? Well, har har, I'll tell ye anyways. :)

Companions are animals/creatures of many kinds that be followin'  you around the Spiral!
Each type of class gets their own special type of Companion.

If ye has played Wizard101 before, you can train ye Companion, just like ye pet.
The Attributes in Pirate101 are very, very similar to the Attributes in Wizard101.

The Attributes affect the stats for both ye Pirate and ye Companion!
Here are the attributes ye and your wizard can get.

There is:

  • Strength 
  • Agility 
  • Will
  • Accuracy
  • Dodge
  • Armor
  • Resistance
  • Range
The difference from Wizard101 and Pirate101 is that there are less attributes to train in Wizard101. Pirate101 has 3 more attributes. 

Oh, Blimey! I haven't told the fun part about Companions. Your companion is a great help in battles. It can attack, with it's own special move/attack! 

Some of the known Companions are:
  • Monkeys
  • Horses
  • Birds
  • Goat Monk
  • That Tupa-Tupa guy from Wizard101! (Can't remember the creature name)
Have fun with your new companion in Pirate101!

Keep on Sailing,
-Pirate SkyRider

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