New Poll! Yarrrrr!

Ahoy, there be a new pole on th' ol' blog! Which type of contest would ye like? Graphics, Drawing, Video, or somethin' else? If ye want something else, please comment on this here post. ---->

The prize for the contest will be 5,000 Crowns!

Not a big post for today, but be suspectin' some new posts on Concept Arrrrrt and interviews soon! ;)

Keep on Sailing!
-Pirate Skyrider

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4 Responses to “New Poll! Yarrrrr!”

  1. I voted! i went the short story route...the fun to write, and would be curious what others write as well...but all of those sound great, thx for the poll...

  2. Went Other. I think a cool contest (i havent saw in awhile) is like a scavanger hunt in Wc(or whereever) where you give clues to the objects needing to be found Wizard takes screen shot of each item in its location, first to have all right wins. Just a thought ;)

    1. That is a very good idea! I might add another contest with a different prize, and use this. Thank you so much!


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