Swashbucklers be makin' a Fashion Statement!

Ahoy, maties!
This week, we will be talkin' about Swashbucklers!
We will be discoverin' about Swashbuckler's:

  • Fashion!!
  • Combat Ways
  • Companions
  • and many more!
Today, we will be learnin' about their fashions.
J Todd Coleman posted a picture of the clothes that th' Swashbucklers can wear!

I don't want to keep ye waitin', so here it is!

I love how they have large hats, with the poof at the top. :) If you look, there are 3 different designs for the Swashbucklers. (There are probably more) I will be putting up a poll to see which outfit ye like best. Personally, I like the 1st Design for the Male, and the 3rd Design for the Female.
Well, I say the Swashbucklers will be makin' a pretty fine fashion statement! 

Well, that's all the fashion I can take for today!

Keep on Sailing, 
-Pirate SkyRider

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