Concept Arrrt Mania!


T'day, I have a special suprise for all of ye pirates!
I will be posting an interview on the "Interview101" section. (Can be found on the Navigation Bar)
Also, I will show ye LOADS and LOADS of pictures!

First off we have th' most recent picture, posted by J Todd Coleman on his facebook page.

This concept art is simply booty-ful! I like how if you look closely, you can see little bridges connecting Skull Island and the other part of what it seems like together. Down near the bottom, you can see a little Oasis. I am really hoping that we can walk through that, it would be a neat effect!

If you can direct your eyes towards the top of the picture, you can see a world behind Skull Island. In my opinion, it looks more like Monquista, because of the desert feel to it. If you think otherwise, be sure to leave a comment!

Ok, next Concept Art time!

This next picture is a part of the character selection screen. I love how Boochbeard says "Your standing on my blind side" Hahahahahha

In this picture, I couldn't help but notice how they added a skeleton i nthe background. I thought this was a nice little touch, because you're in a prison cell. :) Also, if you look towards the "Boy" and "Girl" buttons, you can see the pictures of what the symbol looks like for which class you chose. For a second, I thought Kingsisle had made a mistake and  put the same symbol, but then I realized my eyes were failing on me. 

More pictures will be posted tomorrow!

Keep on Sailing!
-Pirate Skyrider

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