Comic Con 2012 and Pirate101 Alpha

Ahoy, me hardies!

Pirate SkyRider here, and I've got some very excitin' news for ye! On July 12th and the 13th, Kingsisle set up a Pirate101 booth at the 2012 Comic Con!

A good friend of mine, otherwise known as Anthony DeathBane, traveled to San Diego to check th' place out! He even got to talk to some employees at Kingsisle!! Anthony told me he sat down, and got to play in Pirate101 Alpha! He chose a Swashbuckler, which is his favorite class of all time. :) At the end of the day, there were around 10-11 people at the booth, and they entered their email and they are getting a chance of snagging a Closed Beta code!

I wish I could've been there, but I've been uber busy over here at Skyriders Hq.

Today, I got a chance to sit down with Anthony, and interview him about his experience at Comic Con, and I was prepared to ambush him with some questions. ;)

Question 1:
Overall, how was your experience at the Pirate101 booth?
It was awesome! I expected it to be good, but I didn't expect it to be THAT good! Kingsisle always surprises us. This game is definitely a winner. I can't wait to play in beta.

Question 2:
Overall, how was Pirate101 Alpha, and how would you say it is coming along?
It is amazing and is coming along great! However, I'm not allowed to tell you any specifics about the game, but it is definitely an amazing game! :)
Question 3:
Are there any exciting things or secrets that will be thrown at us in Pirate101?
I'm not saying anything, I guess you and your viewers will have to find out secrets when Beta comes out!

Question 4:
Did you try out the new combat? If so, how different was it from the combat Wizard101 has?
Yes, I did try out the new combat, and it is very different from Wizard101. In my opinion, it is very startegic.

Thanks Anthony for the great interview!

That's all for tonight.

Keep on Sailing!
-Pirate Skyrider

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