Aye! A new Concept Arrrrt!

Avast me hardies!
On this rainy, yucky day, a new Concept Art for Wizard101 was released! It was Concept Art for the famous world, known as Avalon. I must say, it is very, very beautiful! (Ye don't see many pirates say beautiful, know don't ye?)
I simply love this, and I love how they did the tower. I adore the tips! Also, they made the arrrt as realistic as could be! The shadows in the left corner look like the Crystal Caves making a shadow, and I like that effect!

If you look more towards the right, you will see the crack that you go over (via a bridge) to get to the other side. However, it looks like they did not include the bridge. That made me wonder why they didn't include that, but I was probably the only person who would notice that, haha.

Well, that's all for now. :)

Keep on Sailing!
-Pirate SkyRider

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  1. Hey! Awesome blog you've got here. I noticed Paige Moonshade is listing your site too!

    Very cool. Good info. I hope you get the beta!


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