Welcome 't Cool Ranch!

Welcome to Cool Ranch!

Here in Cool Ranch, this isn't your ordinary Western Style world. There are many secrets about this here place! 

Here you will be following/guiding/battling:

  • Chicken Rangers
  • Bulls & Horses
  • Many other creatures to the unknown...
The terrible monsters that rule this place have a strict rival against the people of Marleybone..hmmm...what could that mean? Maybe some war between them? I would love to see some dogs and chickens going 1v1. :)

Cool Ranch is designed and played through as more of a Western Cowboy style world. In one picture on the Pirate101 Website, there is a picture of a Saloon. I would love to see that as a shop for vendors, or like a bazaar!

Also, when I was skimming across the Pirate101 section for Cool Ranch, I found this picture:

Buffalo Wings! I just about died of laughter once I saw this. The main Buffalo looks scared out of his mind, like someone is about to make him food for some hungry customers. :(

Everything about Cool Ranch is just outstanding. The scenery, the NPCs/MOBs/Bosses, and I'm 100% sure that that gameplay is going to be amazing! I can't wait to test out the new way to battle.

Keep On Sailing!
-Pirate SkyRider

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