Intercepted Letter from th' Armada!

Avast me hardies, I was rummaging through me office, and found an intercepted letter from the Armada!
Now, enough

Looks like it was adressed to "Supreme Commander Kane" , and was signed by someone named "Deacon".
I could keep but noticin' that it included the Spiral and Marleybone. That means Wizard101 will most certainly be mentioned and connected in many ways.

If you direct ye eyes towards the bottom of th' letter, ye can see Boochbeard signed it himself. It looks like the crazy landlubber want's that ship sabotaged. I can't wait to see if we be seein' this particular information in Pirate101.

This is all of me opinion, however.
What do ye think this letter can also be about?
Be sure to leave ye comments in th' comment box.

Keep on Sailing, 
-Pirate SkyRider

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