Arrr, new Bundle ho!

Ahoy me maties,
Pirate SkyRider here.

Looks like the Wizards over at Wizard101 decided to conjure up a new Bundle!
They named it: "The Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle"

It comes with:

  • Midnight Sun Pagoda
  • Sohei Gear and Hankyu Bow
  • Shaolin Monkey Pet
  • Run Run Rikshaw Mount
  • 1 Month of Sub or 5000 Crowns
When I get allowed into someone who has the new stuff, I will be sure to post pictures!
I can't wait to see the Bow, and the mount is pretty cool!
(For those who don't already know, you sit in a 1-Person Carriage and a Sheep pulls you around.)

Well, that's all for now!
Stay tuned in for some new pictures!

Keep on Sailing,
Pirate SkyRider

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