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Intercepted Letter from th' Armada!

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Avast me hardies, I was rummaging through me office, and found an intercepted letter from the Armada!
Now, enough

Looks like it was adressed to "Supreme Commander Kane" , and was signed by someone named "Deacon".
I could keep but noticin' that it included the Spiral and Marleybone. That means Wizard101 will most certainly be mentioned and connected in many ways.

If you direct ye eyes towards the bottom of th' letter, ye can see Boochbeard signed it himself. It looks like the crazy landlubber want's that ship sabotaged. I can't wait to see if we be seein' this particular information in Pirate101.

This is all of me opinion, however.
What do ye think this letter can also be about?
Be sure to leave ye comments in th' comment box.

Keep on Sailing, 
-Pirate SkyRider

Welcome 't Cool Ranch!

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Welcome to Cool Ranch!

Here in Cool Ranch, this isn't your ordinary Western Style world. There are many secrets about this here place! 

Here you will be following/guiding/battling:

  • Chicken Rangers
  • Bulls & Horses
  • Many other creatures to the unknown...
The terrible monsters that rule this place have a strict rival against the people of Marleybone..hmmm...what could that mean? Maybe some war between them? I would love to see some dogs and chickens going 1v1. :)

Cool Ranch is designed and played through as more of a Western Cowboy style world. In one picture on the Pirate101 Website, there is a picture of a Saloon. I would love to see that as a shop for vendors, or like a bazaar!

Also, when I was skimming across the Pirate101 section for Cool Ranch, I found this picture:

Buffalo Wings! I just about died of laughter once I saw this. The main Buffalo looks scared out of his mind, like someone is about to make him food for some hungry customers. :(

Everything about Cool Ranch is just outstanding. The scenery, the NPCs/MOBs/Bosses, and I'm 100% sure that that gameplay is going to be amazing! I can't wait to test out the new way to battle.

Keep On Sailing!
-Pirate SkyRider

Arrr, new Bundle ho!

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Ahoy me maties,
Pirate SkyRider here.

Looks like the Wizards over at Wizard101 decided to conjure up a new Bundle!
They named it: "The Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle"

It comes with:

  • Midnight Sun Pagoda
  • Sohei Gear and Hankyu Bow
  • Shaolin Monkey Pet
  • Run Run Rikshaw Mount
  • 1 Month of Sub or 5000 Crowns
When I get allowed into someone who has the new stuff, I will be sure to post pictures!
I can't wait to see the Bow, and the mount is pretty cool!
(For those who don't already know, you sit in a 1-Person Carriage and a Sheep pulls you around.)

Well, that's all for now!
Stay tuned in for some new pictures!

Keep on Sailing,
Pirate SkyRider

Poll Over!

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Avast, me hardies.
Looks like the poll has been closed!

With 6 Votes, most people want to be a Privateer!
With 4 Votes, Swashbuckler!
With 3 Votes, Witchdoctor!
With 1 Vote, Bucaneer!
And with no votes, Musketeer.

Hmm..very interestin'

Keep on sailin',
-Pirate SkyRider

New Wizard101 Commercial!

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Avast me hardies!
Seems like the Head Wizards over at Kingsisle decided to release a new commercial!
It is pretty epic, and I hope the Pirate101 will be just as good! *wink wink*
Well, I don't want to keep ye' waitin' any longer, so here ya go!

3 Letters. W.O.W!
That blew me, and (apparently Malistaire) away!

-Pirate Skyrider

New Contest!

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Come one come all!
I just won a Hollow Knight pet over at Wizard101 Central, and I decided to raffle it off!
You can find the contest by clicking on the "Contests" link at the top of the page.

Keep on Sailing, and Good Luck to all!
-Pirate SkyRider

Flags for your Ship!

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On Twitter today, @Captain_Avery tweeted about designs for flags and the Jolly Roger. He asked his fellow maties: "Which flag appoints to you?" Here are some flags that were posted on the Pirate101 website.

Personally, I like the blue one, what about you?

-Pirate SkyRider


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Ahoy me hardies!
Pirate Skyrider here, with some steamin' news!
Kingsisle released the info on Minigames a couple weeks ago, and I decided to share it with y'all.

Here yar!

Coin Drop- This minigame is sort of like Tetris, except there’s no shape other than coin. The different colors/symbols on coins must be matched in pairs of 3. In the top-left of the screen, there is an area which shows what coin you will be placing next. I’m not sure if the pairs disappear when you make the matches. When the coins reach the Foul Line, the game ends. I think a trick for this game would be to think ahead and organize your coins. Screenshots on are included.
Pirate’s Pub- In this minigame you are a waiter serving Yum to pirates. Good thing: you get lots of money. Bad thing: the pirates are impatient. You race around the bar to serve up Yum before the pirates leave. They will pay you a tip if you don’t take a long time. This is sort of like a game on Webkinz- Pizza Palace (hehe). Be sure to give them the right thing and not break any glasses. There is a set amount of time you have to do this in.
Powder Keg- Powder Keg is not really complicated. It’s just a simple tower defense. There’s a couple of screenshots on the website if you want to see more. I’ll show an example to you though.
Rat Attack- Rat Attack is a faster-paced tower defense. The rats will attack you from above. There’s a lot of obstacles that will come down from the top along with the rats. You’ll man a cannon to blast the rats away. I probably won’t be good at this game because I’ll be too unfocused by the other obstacles. There’s not too much information on about this one, we’ll see exactly how it works when Beta comes out. There’s a couple screenshots too.
Rouge’s Range- This is a cooled-down version of a modern first-person-shooter game. Not saying that the setting is modern. You’re still a pirate, and you are shooting down pirate paper cut outs. You’ll need to have quick reflexes because you might accidentally shoot an ally! Also, occasionally a gem will appear. When this happens, you can shoot it to get extra points.
Windjammer- I think Windjammer is one of the coolest new minigames. You fly your ship and use cannons to destroy enemy ships and obstacles. It might look like you’re “driving” your ship, but you’re actually on the Skyway. The next best way to describe this is to show you one of the pictures on the Pirate101 website.
In Wizard101, minigames refilled mana needed to cast spells. You can comment with your ideas of what Pirate101 minigames might refill. My ideas are energy  (needed to attack on land) and/or fuel (needed to fly ships). What do you think?

Keep on sailing!
-Pirate Skyrider

Pirate101 Sneak Peak.

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You know how on Wizard101 when you make a new character, it asks you a lot of questions? Well, Todd J. Coleman just posted a sneak peak of one of those questions for Pirate101!

Note; Sky Squid...hmm..also, look at the ship. See how it has Candy Canes and Cupcakes? Very interseting...

-Pirate Skyrider

Winners announced!

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Great Job to everyone who entered! 123 Entries, wow!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


1st  Place: Entry #63Corwin S.
2nd Place: Entry #50Kyle F.
 3rd Place: Entry #90adeadlygamer
 4th Place: Entry #44Chris D.

'tis BoochBeard!

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Ahoy, me maties.
New drawing bound!
That's right, I drew BoochBeard!
If you want to compliment/CnC, Reply to this or tag me on Twitter! @PirateSkyrider

Keep on sailing!
-Pirate Skyrider

Very interestin'

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I was wandering around on the Pirate101 page, and I saw the battle combat. I decided to scroll down and check the pictures out. One of the pictures showed a Pirate's name, but he was a Shark, like in Celestia.
Here' s a picture:

His name is: Scarface SilverRider (Not sure about the "Silver")
Also, he has badge on. Not really sure what it says.

Also, I see 4 Bone Dragons! Maybe enemies. :)

Keep on sailing,
Pirate SkyRider

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Pirate Skyrider here, with some interesting news.
I just happened to stumble across the Pirate101 website, and I clicked on the worlds.
I ventured over to the "Scrimshaw" part of Skull Island, and it has some Wizard101 Reference tied into it!


Keep on sailing!

-Pirate Skyrider

New findings afoot!

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'Ello scurvy dogs,

Pirate Skyrider here.
I was watching the Pirate101 Trailer Video, and I happened to stumble across some intersetin' photos! But you don't want to read this and get bored, so here they are!

What type of pet is that? A fancy dressed Weasel is what it looks like to me ;)

Frog pet! Just like the one in Wizard101 but with more...detail. 

Keep on sailin', 

-Pirate SkyRider

New drawings ho!

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Hey all,

I am a pretty experienced artist, so I will be drawing some of  the well-known main Pirate101 characters!

I will keep everyone up to date on how my progress is going. :)

Keep a sailin',


Arrrgh! New Concept Art!

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Avast me hardies,

I have just come across some interesting concept art!
Todd J Coleman just posted it on his facebook pagee. :)
Without further ado, here it is!

Maybe I'll use it for my background! Arrrgh :)

Keep on sailin',


Happy Fathers Day!

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This post goes out to the Dads all around the world!
Happy Fathers Day everyone.
To all of the fathers who are planning to play Pirate101-
Me hardies and I won't make y'all walk the plank..for now...


Crowns special!

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Alas me hardies! Looks like the land lubbers at Kingsisle decided to host their Crowns Block sale! Getting ready to buy some new stuff in the Crowns shop for Wizard101 or Pirate101? Well, this is your chance! During the Super Crowns Sale, you can get up to 50% more bonus Crowns when you purchase any Crowns block at regular price. The bigger Crowns block you purchase – the more Bonus Crowns you get for your Wizard! Act fast, this sale ends Monday, June 18th at 11:59pm US Central Time. Click here!!! Act fast, however, it only lasts for 4 days!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I spy a new contest headin' underway!
Go to the the "Contests" page to check it out :)


New Fansite kit! Arrgh!

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Alas me hardies, I see a Pirate101 Fansite Kit over yonder on land ho!
Make sure to download it, it has some really cool stuff!
Some stuff that is included-

-Buttons used in-game
-Concept Art
-Some amazing backgrounds!
-Helpful links

You can download it at;

Arrrrgh, have fun making new art!!


Congratulations, you have found the daily troggy! Now, direct message me (on Twitter) saying "I found the daily troggy! Oop Eek Ah Ah!" Good Luck! :)

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My new blog is now ready!
Are you courageous enough to join my crew!
You have to walk the plank first....har har har...

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Hey all, I now have a blog!
Let me tell everyone a little bit about myself-
I was born and raised in Georgia.
I have a dog named Happy.
I absolutely love the color light blue!